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Calling all photogs & videographers!

This is obviously the last chance to submit pictures or videos. The pictures or videos can be from any year of the 2 decades of Pyro Palooza. Any that I use will be published with a copyright notice giving you the full credit.

To submit a picture simply send your pictures to:
If it's a video, please send a download link instead.

(Please include the year they were taken, if known, and whose name you would like the copyright notice to include.)

*** Comments from the Web Master: ***

There will be no more Pyro Palooza's ever!
Please do not attempt to show up next year.

I did film this last event & I plan to put together a retrospective DVD. I'll post details when they become available or click the link below to be notified of developments.


This website will probably be for sale soon. Check back here for details.

Who provides the pyrotechnics?
Pyrotechnics provided by:
White Light Pyro

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